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Custom Prize Wheels

Most prize wheels currently available in the market are made of particle board. These wheels are too heavy and short-lived. When exposed to even the smallest amounts of moisture they will swell, discolor, lose their balance and start to wobble rendering them practically useless.

Prize Wheels Direct uses only the highest quality of genuine American and Canadian birch plywood, the same quality used in the construction of the highest grade of kitchen cabinetry.

Which makes for a lightweight, colorfast, stable and long lasting product. Be sure of what you are getting, buy with confidence, buy Prize Wheels Direct

We can make a custom prize wheel to fit your needs & budget. We also offer budget stock prize wheels made as a dry erase and insertable prize listings that are customizable via computerized templates, printed and used by you directly.

Call our Customer Service from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm or Order Online. Prize Wheels Direct has Promotional Customized Prize Wheels at Affordable Prices. We stock spinning prize wheels at affordable prices. Call or place your order today. We have been helping customers like you since 1987.

Prize Wheels Direct Offers the Largest Selection of Spinning Prize Wheels

Looking to maximize your brand visibility?
 Draw attention and generate traffic with a Spinning Prize Wheel from Prize Wheels Direct. Prize Wheels are the ultimate interactive promotional marketing attraction designed to boost traffic and generate a buzz.

At Prize Wheels Direct, we have been helping companies like yours to create successful onsite promotions for their businesses since 1987.

Custom Prize wheels from Prize Wheels Direct are games of chance similar to the wheel on the popular television show Wheel of FortuneĀ®. Contestants spin the wheel for a chance at landing on one of the prize slots on the prize wheel and winning the subsequent prize shown.

Prize wheels are a great addition to your next marketing promotion, trade show or convention booth, sales event, open house, party or business meeting.
Spinning prize wheels from Prize Wheels Direct are the ideal marketing attraction for many different types of businesses and events, including:

  • Retail Outlets
  • Restaurant Promotions
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Financial Institutions
  • Trade Shows
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hotels
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Salons, Spas & Fitness Centers
  • Realtors
  • Community Events
  • Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Radio & Television Broadcast Promotions
  • Advertising & Marketing Specialists
  • Teachers
  • Colleges
  • Sporting Events
  • Conferences
  • Open Houses
  • Classrooms
  • Parties
  • Business Meetings

Promotional Custom Prize Wheels in Action

Prize wheels are a useful tool in the corporate environment!
 For example, give top sales associates or high-performance employees a spin on the roulette-style prize wheel each quarter to determine their reward. Prize wheel slots can be filled with such rewards as "One Free Vacation Day," or "$500 Bonus".
Custom Prize Wheels are also a great addition to your next corporate party. They allow party guests to spin the prize wheel for a chance to win door prizes, or switch it up and have guests spin the prize wheel and act out what is on the spinning prize wheel slot!

Choosing the Best Prize Wheel for your Business

Not sure which size or style spinning prize wheel is the best fit for your next party, trade show or business meeting?

Take a few moments to browse Prize Wheels Direct's inventory of over 30+ different prize wheel models including dry erase prize wheels, lighted prize wheels, and our best-selling insert-your-own-graphics prize wheels.

Prize Wheels Direct inventory offers a number of table-top and floor standing prize wheels ranging from the compact 14" micro table-top prize wheel to the larger-than-life 96" giant super prize wheel.

These Giant Spinning Prize Wheels are truly larger than life and sure to make your audience feel like they are in a live game show!

Attract customers far and wide, while dazzling them with the sheer size of these large prize wheels.

These large game spinners are also a great tool to stand out during events and spotlighting your brand!

We offer these massive custom spin wheels in 60”, 72”, 80”, 96” and more sizes! With all these choices to choose from, you are sure to provide an engaging and interactive attraction for all.

With our vast custom prize wheel inventory, you are guaranteed to find the perfect prize wheel for your marketing promotion, party or business meeting to fit any space and budget.

For an additional fee, any of Prize Wheel Direct's Black 31-inch table top prize wheels can easily be converted to floor model prize wheels via to Prize Wheel Direct's extension leg kit.
Simply insert the legs into the base of the table-top prize wheel, click into place, and voila! Your prize wheel is now a dual-functioning floor model prize wheel and the table-top prize wheel.

The prize wheel extension legs are as easily removable as they are installed allowing easy transportation of your prize wheel. Learn more about prize wheel extension legs here.

Custom Prize Wheels are the Perfect Event Attraction for Those on the Go!

We know how important the prize wheel attraction is to your marketing promotion, so each wheel is built for maximum durability and ease-of-use. If you plan to ship or transport your spinning wheel to multiple locations, consider adding a protective case.
Prize Wheels Direct manufactures hard-sided prize wheel travel cases for all of our 14-inch, 20-inch, and 31-inch prize wheels. Prize wheel travel cases are made of durable plastic or polyester depending on the size ordered.

20-inch and 30-inch prize wheels fit into the plastic prize wheel travel case that has recessed foam inserts, while the 14-inch micro prize wheel is transportable in the durable polyester travel bag with a padded lid.

Travel cases extend the life of your prize wheel by ensuring its safety during transport to and from trade shows, open houses, business meetings, and parties.

Prize Wheels Direct also manufactures custom hard-sided travel cases equipped with wheels pull handles and foam lining. We will build a custom protective case unique to your specific wheel. Click here to see our selection of prize wheel travel cases.

We also offer Dry Erase prize wheels from Prize Wheels Direct, which are an excellent choice for businesses interested in the option of frequently changing prize wheel rewards.
Dry erase prize wheels can be customized with your choice of dry erase vinyl colors and feature your logo and marketing message in the center. Dry erase prize wheels are perfect to take from the board room to the trade show floor, with just the swipe of an eraser it's out with the old rewards and in with the new.

Check out our dry erase prize wheels here!

Custom Prize Wheels for Any Budget

Regardless of your budget, you are sure to find a prize wheel from Prize Wheels Direct that suits your marketing needs!

Our most affordable spinning prize wheels, the Stock Insert-Your-Own graphics prize wheels, give the user the option to easily change the slots with templates that can be downloaded and printed from the Prize Wheels Direct website.

If you're looking for the option to change your prizes easily, but would like your slots to feature graphics, the stock insert-your-own graphics prize wheels are the best option for you!

Stock prize wheels are our most practical and economical options, allowing the user to download and print their prize slots and logo without the expense of a custom wheel.

Stock prize wheels also come with the option to add LED lighting. These prize wheels are made of sturdy black plastic and sit upon a tripod that folds for easy transport.

If you are looking for maximum visibility and excitement, look no further than Prize Wheels Direct's show-stopping lighted prize wheels!

These lighted spinning prize wheels feature 12 mesmerizing sections of white LED lights between slots, and are sure to get you noticed!

Our lighted prize wheels can be programmed with custom LED light patterns as well as custom slot colors and logos. These custom prize wheels allow the ability to use your custom photography.

Simply send us your photos, and we will superimpose it over the prize wheel! Lighted prize wheels are available in diameters from 24-inches all the way up to the 96-inch giant super prize wheel. Depending on the diameter, lighted prize wheels are AA battery-powered or can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. To check out our selection of LED prize wheels, click here!

Virtual Prize Wheels

Prize Wheels Direct also offers a unique digital prize wheel that is perfect for attracting potential customers to your trade show booth or as the perfect addition to your business lobby or showroom floor.

The digital prize wheel will display on a computer monitor or flat screen television screen with a wireless push button for guests to press.

Once the wireless prize wheel button is pressed, the digital prize wheel begins to spin on the display screen and then stops on a reward. Digital prize wheels are a great alternative to floor standing prize wheels or table-top prize wheels if space is limited or for businesses looking for cutting edge onsite marketing attractions.

Digital prize wheels can also display on a smartphone or tablet!

Incorporate the virtual prize wheel into your everyday business by printing a survey link at the bottom of your customer receipts. Customers will go to the link, take a short survey about their experience at your business, and as a reward, they spin a digital prize wheel on the smartphone and receive a promotional voucher to be used the next time they visit your business!

Which is a great way to get feedback from your customers, thank them for their business, and encourage them to return to your establishment!

Digital prize wheels can be viewed here.

Experience the Prize Wheels Direct Difference!

Whether you choose a Stock Prize Wheel made of tough ABS plastic or a Custom Prize Wheel constructed high-quality birch plywood, rest assured your wheel is designed for maximum durability.

At Prize Wheels Direct, we take pride in producing high-quality spinning prize wheels tailored to your specific marketing needs. Your prize wheel will last a lifetime with proper use, storage, and transport.

For more information, contact one of our knowledgeable Prize Wheels Direct customer service representatives at 1-800-573-3111. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in choosing the best prize wheel for your next corporate event, trade show or party.


Need More Promotion Ideas?

Promotion Store offers Ideas for Events and free consulting.

We work along with your company to promote your business and identify your needs and goals. We help you meet those goals and assist you in designing a promotional contest utilizing one of our biggest Traffic Stopper... The Prize Wheel!

From introducing a new product to the public, positioning your company as an industry supplier on a B2B basis, grand openings for retail stores, directing traffic to your website, or even filling your trade show booth with buyers.

Custom Prize Wheels are a powerful promotional tool!

Promotion Store will also supply custom imprinted giveaways and prizes to use with these custom prize wheels that are competitively priced!

Call Promotion Store now at 800-573-3111 to find out more and to order your Prize Wheel Marketing Promotion Tool.


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